Sephaku Cement’s heavyweights – 42.5N and 52.5N

Today, we explore two heavyweights in the world of cement production and application – 42.5N and 52.5N. Is it fair to pit these two grades against each other to find out which is better? Absolutely not!

These are both champions. It is not a matter of which cement grade is better, but rather, which grade suits which purpose. 42.5N is for the more serious builder. It is ideal across a wide range of building and civil work; for use in the manufacture of concrete products; suitable for all types of ‘home’ concrete; extremely versatile and general-purpose product for a wide range of concrete, mortar and screed applications. This product needs less water to produce a cohesive mix and enhances long-term durability. 52.5N should be considered for more specialised structural concrete applications. It is the highest strength cement for the professional in construction and is suitable for use with cement extenders.

The benefits of 52.5N include its suitability for civil engineering and structural concrete applications; its application into high-strength concrete, pre-casting and ready-mix; and its day-one strength and cold-weather concreting. This cement grade is also suited for water-tight, structural and pre-stressed concretes as well as precision grouts, repairs and formulated cement products. 52.5 grade of cement is only available in bulk and should be stored in a structurally sound bulk cement silo that is watertight and compatible with industry standard approved couplings for bulk cement tankers.

With Sephaku Cement your building project is always a winner!

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