Concrete Outdoor Entertainment Trends Summer 2020

With loads of evidence pointing to the effectiveness and importance of socially distanced gatherings, Sephaku Cement explores creative concrete outdoor entertainment areas that account for safe social distancing, air flow, convenient fittings for handwashing and hygiene while accounting for elegant design and decorative concrete features.

Having spent the better part of 2020 isolated and socially distanced, as communities emerge from more restrictive corona virus alert level lockdowns, creating safe and distanced outdoor areas where we can once again welcome family and friends back into our homes is an important consideration.

French Country Harvest Tablespaces

Some of the most welcoming concrete outdoor seating ideas are found fitted with an extra length hardwood harvest table elegantly place on easy to clean concrete stained floor decking. Framed by overhanging vines or flowering creepers and perfectly placed brass outdoor taps and concrete basins made to match the raw outdoor concrete styling, not matter the season covered outdoor harvest tablespaces create a warm countryside feel with the convenience of conveniently placed hand washing stations and socially distanced seating arrangements in an open-air, concrete outdoor setting.

Santorini Rooftop Concrete Decking

Where space may be a challenge, converting balcony dead-space or underutilised rooftop decking into a crisp clean outdoor concrete lounge area styled in classic Santorini Greek-styled finishes, using screed, stained, mosaiced and white painted concrete can be effectively styled to create a gorgeous lounge-like decking with 360 degrees views of your surrounds and clean outdoor air flow, together with spaced seating arrangements.

Concrete Greenhouse Pavilion

A greenhouse party pavilion with stackable, foldaway doors that invite the outdoors in or the indoors out depending on how you look at it. Finished with a minimalist concrete screened floors, stained or simply sealed as is, together with screed concrete pillars made to match and strategically placed to pitch skylighted roofing and the guided framework for stackable or foldaway glass doors. Fully aerated and fitted with a guest washroom that makes hand washing convenient and inexcusable, greenhouse entertainment areas offer a beautiful alternative to decorative concrete outdoor areas.

Modern Minimalistic

Grey stained and seamless stonelike concrete fittings create much like a Japanese Zen garden immersing guests into a serene outdoor setting. Styled with baby bamboo shoots, dark and mossy koi ponds and dark wood decking and bridges, concrete hand washing basis and smart self-disinfecting surface treatments. In fact, while some may opt to treat surfaces and door handles with self-sanitising technology, concrete is one of the easier materials to clean and sanitise pre and post visitors. Kept warm and welcoming should the evenings cool off, modern concrete outdoor fireplace fittings can be well placed in the form of fire bowls of pillars to finish off this modern-day look.

As the summer season welcomes warmer weather conducive to outdoor entertaining, coupled with the return to controlled social gatherings and family get-togethers, outdoor entertainment areas are the better choice when hosting group gatherings at your home as these spaces allow for optimised airflow. Adhering to the various guidelines and safety precautions aligned to controlling the spread of the Corona Virus, Sephaku Cement encourages the continued used of masks or face shields, frequent handwashing and sanitisation, regular surface cleaning, limited physical contact and continued social distancing when in the company of others.

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