Sephaku Cement
The 1st new entrant into the South African cement industry since 1934


Sephaku Cement, powered by Dangote Cement is changing the genetic code of cement in South Africa. With the most high tech plants in the country turning its turbines, it has injected fast, strong and confident DNA into an ageing sector. The roots of South Africa’s first new clinker producer since 1934 date back to 2006 when its hugely successful Greenfields project commenced.

Today, as a 36% associate company of Sephaku Holdings, we are immensely proud to stand side by side with Dangote Cement, which is Africa’s fastest growing industrial company.

Sephaku Cement is committed to being the sub-Saharan driver of Dangote Cement’s bold vision to build prosperity in Africa. As a 64%-owned subsidiary of the company, customers gain access to a range of benefits, which are unlocked as a direct result of being part of a truly pan-African manufacturer and distributor of cement, including: 

  • - Proven success through efficient production facilities in strategic locations close to key growth markets.
  • - The operation of modern plants in exciting growth markets. and
  • - High-quality products at affordable prices, backed by excellent customer service.

Sephaku’s operations include a flagship clinker facility located near Lichtenburg in the North West Province, a cement milling plant in Delmas, Mpumalanga, and Sephaku Ash.

With a positive impact on cost and environmental management efficiencies, our operations are in the region of 30 to 40% more efficient through, amongst other factors, installation of new vertical roller mill technology for all milling requirements. Embedded in these impressive plants, operational and process efficiency and customer-centric service, Sephaku Cement confidently stakes its claim as one of the continent’s most proficient producers of integrated cement and clinker.

Sephaku Cement
Aganang, delivers guaranteed production figures of 6,000 tons of clinker per day.


Sephaku Cement’s foundation is built on inspired, motivated and talented people who have the drive to achieve and exceed set objectives.

Put our DNA under the microscope and it is clear that quality consistently asks more of us. Quality orientates us to dig deep, and gears us towards growth and continued improvement.

Our sales and customer service team is a force of cement experts who are driven to ensure that customers get the best from every product, and our team includes concrete technologists who play a key role in our Delmas-based laboratory.

We support the principles of transformation in our employment and in the development of employees.



Inspired People
Passionate, engaged employees who love what they do.

Changing the face of our industry
Being the best in the industry by offering innovative solutions.

Creating and growing stakeholder fulfilment
Addressing and exceeding the needs and expectations of all stakeholders by creating and continuously developing value that did not exist before.

Sephaku Cement
A successful R3.2 billion Greenfields project brought Sephaku Cement to life.


Sephaku Cement


We empower our people to think and act in ways to get the job done, while adhering to processes that ensure proper governance and being mindful of company needs beyond one’s own.

Accountability and Integrity

We are focused on delivering, and we do what we say we will do. We hold ourselves accountable for our work, our behaviour, our ethics and our actions. We aim to deliver to all stakeholders.

Sephaku Cement
Sephaku Cement

Passion and Enthusiasm

We love what we do. We are passionate about our brand and promote a positive, energising, optimistic and fun environment. Our reputation relies on the advocacy of every employee.

Customer Care

We are endlessly concerned with our customers' needs and perceptions. We aspire to build lasting relationships, based on trust, towards being the preferred choice in product and service.

Sephaku Cement